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Goal 9 - Image and profile

Ensure that K-C’s image and profile is aligned with its transformation strategy and the new and changing South African and African environments.  


  • To review K-C’s image, profile and corporate marketing strategy;

  • To communicate the transformation strategy and its achievements to all stakeholders and the broader community;

  • To communicate about K-C’s past and present contribution to transformation;

  • To communicate and internally market this Charter;

  • To enhance the internal and external profile of K-C’s leadership;

  • To engage with customers and suppliers and monitor what they are doing in relation to transformation;

  • To align K-C’s transformation strategy with the marketing strategy;

  • To ensure that all forms of marketing accurately reflect the changes wherever practical;

  • To train employees on how to market themselves and the firm;

  • To develop and apply measurable image and profile targets and criteria, and to evaluate and monitor progress;