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Goal 3 - Leadership and management

To ensure that, as soon as possible, K-C employees who manage and lead broadly reflect the diverse profile of the South African and African populations and that they are appropriately empowered and skilled to manage the enterprise towards its strategic objectives. read more


  • To recruit leaders at all levels appropriately qualified in leadership, diversity and other essential management skills, compatible with Kimberly-Clark ethics, principles and culture;

  • To empower all managers and team leaders in all aspects of leadership by providing appropriate training, guidance and counselling;

  • To incorporate diversity management and employment equity into managers’ and key performance indicators;

  • To identify and train and empower leaders with skills that equip them to support the implementation of the transformation strategy;

  • To equip managers, leaders and team members to take and display accountability for their areas of responsibility.

  • To develop and apply measurable management and leadership targets and criteria, and to evaluate and monitor progress;

  • To communicate effectively with employees and other stakeholders about progress in leadership and management;

  • To ensure that managers are appropriately authorised and empowered to lead and to ensure that their authority and the management structures and processes are respected by all;

  • To ensure that appropriate levels of management in the firm meet at appropriate intervals to review the execution of the overall strategy and goals;

  • To comply with broad-based black economic empowerment and equity legislation and charters as well as K-C’s diversity philosophy.