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Goal 2 - Diversity

To value all people who make up the diverse populations of Africa, in particular and Kimberly-Clark generally, and to accelerate and cultivate an environment where diversity is valued and prospers. 


  • To redress any residual inequalities with regard to race, gender, disability, generation group and culture in the employee base;

  • To formulate fair diversity policies and practices;

  • To make the diversity an integrated, ongoing and measurable strategy;

  • To actively support and encourage representation in the composition of committees and management;

  • To provide opportunities for employees to explore, understand and appreciate diverse cultures, cultures and beliefs;

  • To link diversity to recruitment, development and retention strategies;

  • To develop and apply measurable diversity targets and criteria, and to evaluate and monitor progress;

  • To link contribution to diversity to performance management;

  • To communicate effectively about progress in diversity both internally and externally;

  • To actively prohibit by policy and practice any form of discrimination or intolerance with regard to:
    o    Gender
    o    Race
    o    Age
    o    Culture and language
    o    Religion
    o    Disability

  • To introduce a social integration and interaction programme between groups and levels in the company;

  • To conduct, wherever necessary, cultural surveys which measure and monitor diversity and transformation;

  • To develop and promote disabled, black and female role models;

  • To develop a programme to recruit, train and retain disabled persons at all levels;

  • To comply with broad-based black economic empowerment and equity legislation and charters as well as K-C’s diversity philosophy.