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Goal 1 – Best company to work for

To create and nurture a working environment and a corporate culture that together attract and retain the best talent and skills; to redress residual inequalities with regard to race, gender and disability in accordance with our published Employment Equity Plan, and to accelerate the development and retention of a diverse pool of skilled employees in order to achieve equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels of employment.


  • To establish or revise, implement and measure fair and effective policies and best practice for:
    o    Employment Equity management
    o    Diversity management
    o    Recruitment and selection
    o    Remuneration and reward
    o    Retention
    o    Benefits
    o    Leadership development
    o    Performance management
    o    Career development and promotion
    o    Skills and behavioural training and development
    o    Support, coaching, mentoring and counselling
    o    Ethics and conduct
    o    Grievance handling
    o    Communication and public relations
    o    Change management

  • To assign the appropriate leadership and functional resources to these human resource and corporate development objectives;

  • To comply with broad-based black economic empowerment and equity legislation and charters.

  • To build the confidence of employees, prospective employees, shareholders and other stakeholders;

  • To develop and apply measurable targets and criteria, and to evaluate and monitor progress;

  • To communicate effectively about progress in human resource development and both internally and externally;

  • To make the company the employer of choice in the consumer goods industry in particular, and South Africa in general;

  • To ensure that recruitment panels are as diverse as practicable;

  • To promote and value a culture of ethics, integrity and commitment to the company values and principles.