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Transformation Charter

Kimberly-Clark of South and Sub-Saharan Africa is committed to a continuous transformation process and in 2010 adopted this Transformation Charter.  The Transformation Charter will be revised from time to time to comply with changes in the social, natural and business environments.


To lead the world in essentials for a better life.


At Kimberly-Clark (K-C) we are committed to being:

Authentic – At K-C, we believe in continuing our heritage of honesty, integrity and courageously doing the right thing. We strive to be one of the world's most successful companies, dedicated to winning through hard work and fair play.

Accountable – We take ownership for our business and our future. We establish ambitious goals for our businesses and ourselves and then stretch to exceed them. We feel personally responsible for achieving both our individual and team potential.

Innovative – Our founders established a culture that encouraged entrepreneurial spirit, experimentation in product development and creativity in marketing. We continue to be committed to new ideas that add value for our customers and partners. We recognize that today's best is the benchmark we must surpass tomorrow. 

Caring – All this, plus truly respecting each other and caring for the communities where we live and work, makes K-C a company people want to work for and do business with around the world.

Managing Director’s Statement

When I joined Kimberly-Clark 15 years ago, the company had a strong reputation for ‘doing the right thing’. Kimberly-Clark continues today to be at the forefront of real change in South Africa and is poised to accelerate growth, talent and brand development through the following decade creating a sustainable investment proposition for our shareholders. However, the way in which we achieve success must be underpinned by cultural transformation. Our values, behaviours and responsibilities will lead us to commit to transformation that respects and accepts diversity, reflects the demographics of our country and region, builds corporate credibility and a best-employer environment.

This Charter maps our path through the challenges of a changing South Africa and I am proud to commit to it."

Garth N Towell – Managing Director, Kimberly-Clark South Africa August 2010)

Goals and Objectives

In order to realise its mission and to be true to its values, K-C has set itself the following transformation goals and objectives:

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goal 4 - economic sustainability – financial health  read more

goal 5 - environmental sustainability – brands and practices  read more

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goal 7 - social sustainability - stakeholders  read more

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The execution of this Charter shall be a high priority responsibility of the Managing Director who shall ensure its execution through senior and other levels of management.

Actions and Plans

- The managing director together with executive and senior management, will develop detailed short term, medium term and long term action plans to ensure the implementation of the transformation goals and objectives.

- Such action plans should address all the stated goals and objectives and take careful account of the suggested action plans put forward by various forums, while aligning with applicable Kimberly-Clark global and regional and continental objectives.

- The managing director will regularly communicate to the broader organisation status of performance against goals.

Monitoring and Review

The EXCO shall, on a regular basis, monitor, review and make changes to plans aimed at the implementation of this Charter.