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Family Care Brands
Baby Soft® Toilet tissue
Baby Soft offers a range of 2 and 3 ply toilet tissue with Fibro Soft Technology which ensures a silky soft tissue. Baby Soft... Looking out for the Family. Read more...
Kleenex® Facial tissues
Kleenex® offers you the softest solutions for every occasion so that through lifes’ ups and downs Kleenex helps lift your spirts. Kleenex®... the Softest Care. Read more...
Kleenex® Facial tissue innovations
Kleenex® has launched two innovative tissue variants that go beyond the normal tissue offerings currently available. Read more about Kleenex® Calendula and our amazing Kleenex® Anti-viral.
Personal Care Brands
Huggies® Baby & Child care
Huggies offers a Range of Baby care & Childcare products to keep your baby dry and comfortable every step of the way, so that you can have more time for those special memorable moments with your baby. For more information on Huggies nappies, wipes and special care visit the Huggies website at
Huggies® Gold Comfort Poll
We all know the feeling of finally finding that pair of jeans that fit perfectly yet are so comfortable making us feel great. But we also know how uncomfortable it can be when our clothes don’t fit us properly. So why would this be any different for your baby? Imagine how they would feel in uncomfortable clothes and worst of all in an uncomfortable nappy and they would not even be able to tell you. Read more...
Kotex® Feminine Care Range
Kotex® offers a range of products Feminine Care products which provide a combination of comfort and confidence including ultrathin pads, tampons and panty liners. Kotex... Comfort that builds confidence. To read more visit the Kotex website at