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Kimberly-Clark South Africa – Community Engagement.

Kimberly-Clark South Africa’s (K-CSA) corporate values are the basis underpinning the day-to-day operational activities of the organisation.

The SEVEN values - Integrity, Passion, Teamwork, Caring for Others, Innovation, Superior Performance and Exceed ing Expectations – need to be actively demonstrated by all employees in interactions with others and therefore Community Engagement is a perfect way to link people to communities beyond their day-to-day interactions.

The Executive team hold two meetings per year with the TOP 40 Senior Managers in the organisation, with the purpose of sharing crucial strategic information, discussing the strategic direction of the business and tracking progress versus annualised business objectives. It was decided by the Executive that the first meeting in 2009 would include an afternoon of community service, designed to live out the values outlined above.

Together with our partners, Zinto Marketing, THREE schools in Alexandra were identified as parts of a community (in close proximity to K-CSA Head Office, Bedfordview) in most need of health and hygiene solutions provided by K-CSA. This initiative fitted well with both the values and the vision of K-CSA, namely to enhance the health and hygiene of people in Africa through quality, trusted and innovative solutions that clean, care and protect. The connection to schools was even more pronounced given K-CSA’s current involvement in education and cleaning programs nationally, and the apparent growing need for private investment in building a better future for all.

The experiences of our senior managers on Friday 27th March will live long in the memory of each individual involved in planting vegetable gardens, cleaning bathrooms and installing over 200 soap, bath tissue and towel dispensers in bathrooms, classrooms and administrative buildings. The feedback from K-CSA employees, school staff and others was overwhelmingly positive and was summarised in the following statement from one employee: - “We made a difference in these kids’ lives today.”

I trust that this will become an annual event in the K-CSA Senior Manager Meeting calendar and will serve as a reminder to all of our values, our vision and the need to do more for others less fortunate.

Garth N Towell

Managing Director, Kimberly-Clark South Africa

10 September 2009