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Why Kimberly-Clark

Employee Wellbeing

Our people’s wellbeing and safety is our number one priority at Kimberly-Clark. It’s the cornerstone of the way we care for our people.

With continuous occupational health & safety training, along with health & safety representatives, our investment in employee wellbeing is very real, and very effective.

Health & Wellness program

This level of care extends beyond immediate physical safety to all-round health and wellbeing.

Our Employee Wellbeing Programme is designed to support our employees through life issues such as Emotional and personal difficulties; Family and relationship concerns; Alcohol, drug or gambling abuse; Managing stress and change; Financial matters; Legal concerns; Career issues; Violence and trauma; General health concerns; Bereavement and loss.

Through our HIV/AIDS education and awareness programmes employees at K-CSA are given the opportunity to hear the facts and Learn the truth. Industrial theatre, Peer-to-Peer education workshops, formal training and various communications are some of the techniques used to educate our employees.